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Jul 12 / Patrick Diogenia

Lightning Strikes Twice: Lee Bice, QVC Queen Jeanne Bice’s Daughter, Dead at 47

Lee Bice

Lee Bice, daughter of former QVC Jeanne Bice, dies just weeks after her mother's passing. She was 47.


A few weeks ago, I chronicled the life of QVC doyenne Jeanne Bice, who built a $50 million fashion empire known as Quacker Factory before her untimely death on June 10.

I am now saddened to report that Lee Bice, Jeanne’s daughter and a partner in her Quacker Factory fashion line, passed away on July 1 at the age of 47.

Not only is this an unspeakable double tragedy for the Bice family, but it also impacts the viability of the entire Quacker Factory enterprise. With Jeanne’s daughter alive and well, customers could experience a nascent linkage to Jeanne herself, especially since mother and daughter shared many physical traits.

What will happen to the Trump Organization when Donald J. Trump is gone and buried? How will Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia fare when its namesake is hanging window boxes in heaven (or hell, as the circumstances allow)?

Questions of succession are never easy, especially in businesses where the founder has embodied so much of the brand.

The Bice family has my dearest sympathies – but what they really need is a plan to continue Quacker Factory for the rest of the family, the employees and its bevy of loyal customers.


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