Industry Specific Marketing

Lots of businesses look for marketing companies that specifically work in their industry. There are pros and cons to each. Many HVAC Marketing companies for example have already done trial and error on numerous strategies and because of this your business can often benefit from this experience.

They know that email marketing is a great way to continue to sell to your existing customer base instead of trying to develop new leads from this format. SEO and AdWords in Google are extremely strong in generating new business and for those areas that are highly competitive, PPC becomes almost essential to your marketing plan.

For those that have been in the industry long enough they know that co-op dollars are available for campaigns set up to manufacturer’s standards. They can also predict changes in the market because they have been through the yearly cycles that accompany the weather in your industry. If it’s September, the AC is out and heating is on the horizon.

This and a number of other factors help to make a decision to go with an experienced industry expert.

Now the other side of the coin is the fact that most Heating and Air marketing companies take an easy path by doing exactly the same thing for all of their customers and fully automate the process to increase profitability. This means often times when they write a blog post for one company, it will be replicated across multiple customer websites. This can be counterproductive to SEO goals.

You will find that many work with multiple competitors in the same city, Basically they are competing with themselves. This includes ad spends through pay per click advertising.

In addition, they usually use the same strategy over and over which means that they do not usually keep up with the latest trends in the market. So the strategy becomes stale and less effective as time goes on.

Best thing to do is talk to a potential agency and have them walk you through the campaign strategy they intend for you and make sure you feel comfortable making the investment in them.