What is Small Business Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing is just marketing and advertising, plain and simple. Many of the same rules and tactics are applied online are just the same as traditional. So why does everyone make a big deal out of it just because it is digital?

First off, online marketing used to be a technical nightmare. Like most new technologies, everyone was till learning how it worked and how it fit into the current industry. For some time now the two have been separated but we are starting to see both merging again.

Online marketing specialization turned out to be tools. Just in the same idea that direct mail was a tool, so too is email. When you needed to search for a local business provider twenty years ago, you’d go to the phone book and now you go to Google. If your business provided a specialized product to woodworker hobbyists, you would previously take out an ad in a woodworking magazine, nowadays, you would try to get placement on a woodworking website.

For most small businesses this can be an overwhelming task of understanding how they all work and which ones are right for your business. Think of these online platforms as tools in your garage. The reason most large companies have all of the tools is quite frankly, they can afford them all. As a local company, you have to select which ones are right for what you need them to do for you.

Having a socket set may be handy, but if you spend most of your time working on carpentry projects in your backyard, then the socket set is not obsolete, it is just that you have far more use for a drill and set of bits. The tools you use the most, the ones that are most impactful to your business are probably the ones you use the most and end up paying more for.

Now for this analogy to work, I don’t want you to think of paying for something as exactly the the same. Your time and cash are very similar. When you spend numerous hours working on an Instagram account, this is an investment of your time and resources. Very precious commodities to a small business owner.

So lets talk about about these tools as they apply to your company